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Gallery EntranceAs we proceed through our 34th year in this community, we at HARBOR SQUARE GALLERY welcome you. It has been our endeavor since the beginning, to offer our visitors memorable, and occasionally transformative experience, both in the level of artistry shown, and the sensitivity with which it is exhibited, to touch and nourish the heart, to encourage, to inspire.  Erected a century ago, this lovely building is itself a work of art and most certainly ‘a place of beauty’.  We are gifted daily with the ability to live, and do our work in this light filled space, to share it, again and yet again, another season, another year, another Maine summer. We are grateful.

Gallery InteriorIn 1912 those responsible for this building and its essential beauty chose as its name, SECURITY TRUST. Clearly, you are our entire SECURITY, our patrons, our artists and our long time friends. To be worthy of your TRUST and support in these ‘interesting times’ is our mission ongoing. Perhaps learning to trust is inherent in becoming worthy thereof. We shall ride this wave of uncertainty with a renewed commitment to integrity.  Kahlil Gibran wrote in THE PROPHET,  ‘Work is love made visible’. BEAUTY is GOD made so, I have long believed……….A Native woman, wrapped in cloth of her own making, carries sweet water homeward in an earthen jar, also of her own making.  Beauty bears truth. We thirst for both.

Doing the business of Art making and Art selling is our yoga, to explore that live edge between complacency and striving, to TRUST in the Work and its worthiness, its value, it’s price. Our goal is to do this business with openness and honesty. There is no margin for discount or negotiation built into the numbers you see on our walls. The actual price is the one you see, the same for all, old friends and new. If need be we will be happy to discuss extended payment plans, layaways or any other means that might allow a work to be collected. We do not negotiate the prices as marked. We thank you for your understanding and support of this beautiful enterprise.

P1060733You are invited to visit often and stay long. The Muir Garden, which has graced our roof top since 2006 is an oasis of trees and sculpture, a floating park, a place apart. Please feel free to bring a friend or a book anytime the gallery is open. Sit by falling water, under a tree, in the sea air. Be well.



“The artist, faithful to his personal vision of reality,
becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an offensive state.” ~  JFK