Ben McGinnis


Ben McGinnis has been an award winning illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist for over thirty years, Originally from Ohio, Ben attended Kent State University to study all forms of art and has primarily worked in advertising since then. His personal work however, ranges from small sculptures and wood carvings to paintings and drawings and lately, unique drawings of trees.

“There’s just something amazing about them, especially the older ones that have seen so much in their lifetimes... they just have to have souls
 and if so, I have to wonder what kinds 
of souls they might
 be. Some are shaped by man and others by elements of nature and a natural adaptation to their surroundings.
 Like human life, rot and decay, injury followed by healing and years of living and growth mold their bodies into positions that are a direct result of their experience. Regardless, they are wonderfully expressive and I find that to be an endless source of inspiration.”