Glade Sarbach Davis


Glade Sarbach Davis

In 1973, Glade began silver-smithing professionally. Soon he moved to Park City, Utah to work as a designer-goldsmith. In 1978 he took his skills to Sun Valley, Idaho where he expanded his interests to sculpture, to include such mediums as precious metals, bronze, fossil ivory, and stone. In 1982, Glade moved to the Caribbean island of St. Croix, where he owned and operated a custom jewelry and art gallery at a seaside resort. Returning to Idaho 1988, Glade made his home in the west central mountains of Idaho where he continues to make unique jewelry and sculptures.

Glade’s jewelry has been collected by hundreds of discriminating buyers from around the globe, among them Stephen and Tabitha King, authors; and the Hemingway family. Sculptural pieces have been commissioned for the CBS movie “Dreams of Gold” (the story of a treasure hunter, Mel Fisher); The National Theater Workshop for the handicapped (Belfast, Maine campus); Fly Rod & Reel magazine’s “KUDO” award; as well as private collections around the world.

"I met Glade Davis in the early 80's on the island of St. Croix. In the ensuing years we have worked together in studios in the Virgin Islands, Idaho and Maine. Much of the work that bears my name and hallmark would not exist, or quite so beautifully, without his artistic diligence, enthusiasm and technical virtuosity. It has been the collaborative relationship of a lifetime."          - Tom O'Donovan

Artist Statement

As a young man looking over the gaping pock mark scar of the Bingham Canyon mine where I worked for five years in the 1970’s, I longed to do something that would put back some of the beauty that had been ripped from the earth. That’s when I began to teach myself the art of silver-smithing. It was a good feeling to know that as the ugly pit continued to spiral down into the earth… I was on a path to spiral beauty back into the world.

My work is still inspired by the beauty of nature, symbolism, the power of personal sentiment, by the voice of the stone being featured, and of course, by the enormous power of spirit.

My greatest joy, however, comes from my three fantastic children, two sons, a lovely daughter, and my wonderful grand-daughter and grandson and their mom, and my loving daughter-in-law. What a proud parent and grandparent I am, for they are my finest co-creation and legacy. 


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