Nina Scott Hansen



My parents where Norwegians living in Denmark when I was born ten years after the war.  I came to the U.S. when I was ten.

I attended schools in Colorado, Boston, Oslo, Vienna, and London and worked in advertising, before embarking on a full-time career in art.  In the 1980s, my boyfriend taught me to weld in Rockland, Maine, and I began making curious objects, trolls, birds and horses.  I have always lived and worked with horses.  I am now a slave to the materials, the welder, and the torch. I like the heat, the way it smells and the way it feels. My stuff is not intellectual. It's not asking for any deep thought.

For the past twenty years my work has sold in galleries in Maine, Norway, and more recently in Arizona.

I have a large garden behind my shop where many pieces still reside.


                             1994-06 Drawing Room Gallery, St. George, Maine

                             1994-95 Ames Fine Art Gallery, Belfast, Maine

                             1995-01 Smestad Gallery, Smestad, Norway

                             1996-01 Kjell Olsen Kunst Gallery, Oslo, Norway

                             1996-99 Between the Muse, Rockland, Maine

                             1997      Village Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

                             1998      Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, Maine

                             1998-99 Contemporary Fine Art, Vail, Colorado

                             1998-02 Water Song Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

                             2000-07 CMCA, Rockport, Maine

                             2000-07 Filament Gallery, Portland, Maine

                             2003-07 Harbor Square Gallery, Rockland, Maine

                             2004-07 Lanning Gallery, Sedona, Arizona 

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