Relentless Creativity

Relentless Creativity When the evolutionary process was initiated, something came from nothing. The authentic self is that same creative principle, awakening to itself in human consciousness. And for that dynamic impulse, there is always only the unmanifest promise of the next moment. The authentic self is never concerned with the present moment, however significant it may appear to be, because the present moment has already happened. Its eternal passion is change itself, because it is only interested in the future, always one step ahead, ever reaching for what's on the edge of the possible.

The passion of the authentic self will never experience satisfaction. It simply cannot, because it is a function of consciousness, an evolutionary impulse that is compelled to create the future, perpetually. Its mature is relentless creativity, and it is on;y ever interested in pulling the future into the present, ceaselessly striving to usher into existence that which has not yet emerged. And when that potential does begin to enter into actuality, that part of your self experiences no relief whatsoever, because its attention is already on the next possibility, the next moment and the next, because that is its function, forever. The authentic self exists in a state of constant creative tension that is never released, always suspended between what is and what could be.

Andrew Cohen