Wendy Newbold Patterson


I am an oil painter with an interest in ancestry, stones, memory and ancient places. My art education was thorough, with a deep foundation in European, American art and work from life. I still "draw from life" and follow where it leads me. I draw from life many, many times every day and night. Drawing is my active participation plan with Life. It is a simple act, a primal response and a constant nourishment of being. Drawing from life is a dialogue with now.

Rembrandt taught me to draw from life. His works said to me, “Go out to the roads and markets, see and draw, draw and see. Build a visual vocabulary, tools to tell your story.”

Cezanne and Nature taught me about light, plastic form and energy. Energy must move from and through forms. Light, color and rhythm are the roots, branches and vines that keep forms in the energy flow. I paint and draw figures in a space. I work with stones to see nature in simpler forms, movement and light. I work back and forth between stones and figures. There is an intriguing resonance between them. I reach for the energy and the powerful relationships.

The figure is an invented language with vocabulary drawn from life. I have developed the tools to express the living and beloved reality in front of me, as I have discovered a resonance, an echo of my own inner reality. I see. I draw and paint. I see what I see, what I feel and who I am. The figure is a vessel containing sensations of all human experience. The figure is a voice. It speaks to us of ourselves.

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