Dan Daly

Maine painter, Dan Daly lives and works half way up the coast of Maine in the seaside town of Camden.  His paintings and illustrations reflect his love and connection to the New England landscape, its quality of light, architecture, people and wildlife.  Equally at ease working with pencil, ink, watercolor, oils or acrylics, he works both mural-sized and small.  Daly's paintings are represented in public and private collections in Europe and the United States. 

After a lifetime of drawing and painting and experimenting with various styles he has settled into doing what he describes as "striving to do a common thing uncommonly well. " He adds, "I like to do pictures that someone can come back to, that make a connection, that say at this point in time, someone gave a damn enough to record this image because these colors,  this light, this scene is worth re-examining."

Daly is one of the more accessible Maine painters who can be found at his studio gallery in Camden.