Eddy Ochoa guzman

Eddy Ochoa Guzmán might at first appear to be a photorealist, but one can see that his passion for nature supercedes the dehumanizing eye of the camera. He delights in nature and his works convey that love without the cold, unrelenting view of the photorealist. There is no harshness in his work, no severity, but instead an obsession with the lush greenery of Cuba. In fact, Ochoa tells us that he is love with every shade of green. Ochoa was born in Baracoa and carries with him his childhood recollection of the Yumuri River from the vantage point of Alto de Fuerte, the old Spanish fortress. He recounts that the immense river inspired both love and fear in him. That setting stays as his strongest memory and, even though he moved the images of his birthplace have never faded.When Ochoa was older, he attended the Fine Arts School in Pinar del Rio which is located in the westernmost province of Cuba. This experience afforded him the opportunity to become acquainted with the exceptional natural beauty of another region. The Viñales Valley, with its fascinating limestone outcroppings, provided fertile ground for tobacco plantations, palms and orchids. Here, Ochoa learned landscape technique from maestro Domingo Ramos. Each day he was able to observe Ramos creating landscapes of the valley. Later, when Ochoa had returned to Santiago, he studied with Armando Rodriguez and acquired more landscape training. These paintings evoke a sense of restlessness in us despite their apparent tranquility. The restlessness comes from the force of light within the darkness of the landscape. Ochoa searches for light and places it artificially in a spot that seems to come from a mystical place, maybe from behind the viewer, from an unknown place. This gives his Nocturnos a surreal luminosity and makes the paintings fluctuate between realism and mysticism. The charm of this technique lies in achieving the force of light within the darkness of the landscape.
Ochoa says,” Art should fill people with beauty and the freshness of the landscape. In the midst of this violent world we live in, landscapes are a touch of harmony and joy.”