Spencer started his career as a metalsmith in 1968. He found the production and sale of of mid-range precious metal adornement to be financially rewarding but personally stultifying. His good fortune allowed him to develop a personal and professional friendship with Louis Feron, a world master in the art of Chasing and Repousse who did custom work for Tiffany of New York and was the primary maker for Shlumberge, one of their designers.

The last twenty years of Henry Spencer’s career has been devoted to exploring the possibilities of Chasing and Repousse. With guidance from Louis Feron he has been able to and continues, to develop the unique effects and techniques of his art form and to discover from within a distinctive and highly personal avenue of expression.

"The single greatest disadvantage in my artistic choice is time. The amount of time needed to achieve acceptable standards, coupled with the fact that I use no method of reproduction in my jewelry, results in pieces that, individually, represent substantial commitments of time, energy and creativity. It is my goal in Metalsmithing to constantly refine my understanding of the infinite effects light has upon metal. Every piece I make is individual. In the last 20 years working in my trade, I have never made the same piece more than once. Since 1968 when I first sat at a jewelry bench, I have tried to achieve pieces that surprised even myself." -Henry Spencer