"Yes, there are various problems; social, ecological, but I don’t paint that. It would add to the voice of despair. Instead I choose to contribute to the joy.” -Imero Gobbato

Imero Gobbato was born in Italy in 1923 during the brief hiatus between the spasms of global war. He studied the art of painting in Milan and Venice where he became associated with the Italian Neo-Impressionists, artistic cousins of the French painters Seurat and Signac.

Gordon King, a poet and novelist, has written of him: “With Gobbato, one is genuinely tempted to use the term, ‘Renaissance man.’ He has been variously a painter, etcher, engraver, book illustrator, yacht designer in Europe and the US, composer and designer of a variety of musical instruments. Painting, however, is central to his life and Gobbato’s works currently on display radiate peace and joy backed by a clear strength, and powerful imagination. Imero Gobbato is aware of humanity’s problems, yet he prefers to celebrate the possibilities of harmony and reunion. From such as Imero Gobbato another renaissance seems possible.”

A core member of the gallery roster since its inception in 1981, until his death in 2010, Imero Gobbato’s oils and acrylics continue to occupy a prominent position on the walls of Harbor Square Gallery.

Thomas O'Donovan and Imero Gobbato, 1980s

Thomas O'Donovan and Imero Gobbato, 1980s