When I travel, I see the ancient walls of temples, archeological ruins, unburied treasures, mysteries of time, cultural memories, the patterned inscriptions that trace our collective past, I see the role of the imagination in a universal creative expression, I see how important that is in safeguarding freedom and realizing human potential. In my paintings I want to re-instill a sense of the epic, links between the experience of diverse peoples and between our selves and our distant ancestors. I want to create “the space in between time”, a space to rest in.

Collages: Homage to World Cultures.
I assemble objects and textiles, some antique others contemporary, artifacts acquired from many cultures and times, to create a new sort of talisman. Unifying these ‘fragments’ into a whole, one “global space “ is achieved.  My intention in this art is to create a sense of the timeless traditions we humans share, to honor the hand made, to encourage curiosity and imagination as we wander though the collage and discover its archeology.

Mixed Media Paintings
In my paintings, I layer transparent washes over multi textured surfaces embellished with metal leaf and pigments this process includes focused intention and spontaneous moments of painterly chaos. To integrate these two approaches in a balanced composition is what I hope to achieve.

Joanne Williams has an MFA in Painting from George Washington University and the Corcoran Art School, and has been awarded numerous commendations. She has recently been commissioned by The Smilow Cancer Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Ct. The Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, Ca., The Seattle School of Law, Seattle, WA., to name a few. She exhibits in many galleries – currently including Harbor Square Gallery; Thomas Henry Fine Art, Nantucket, MA; Left Bank Gallery, Welfleet, MA; and her work is in public and private collections.