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Artist Statement

My artwork is as much invisible as it is apparent to the eye, figures gaze at sights unknown, landscapes dissolve imperceptible boundaries and color, more vivid and surreal than sunset of iridescence, animates scenes composed at once of the mystical and the natural. The ethereal and stylized cast of the worlds I create act in familiar ways; they row boats, ride horses, touch one another and stand quietly.  Yet these activities, far from seeming mundane, guide us as vestiges of mythical experience.

My collages are often inspired by found objects. I create stories and ceremonies from “cultural memories” which remain mysterious to me. In my work, I continue to explore the notion of art as contemplative space for viewers’ participation and meditation. The process is a spiritual one for me – one of trust and balance in controlling the media and letting go of it.

Joanne Williams has an MFA in Painting, and has been awarded numerous commendations. She exhibits in many galleries and her work is in public and private collections.

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My aesthetic, I hope, illuminates a plane of existence visible nowhere else except in the portals of my paintings and collages. It is the summation of a long and intricate process of refinement.