"To communicate through painting is a language in and of itself. If a finished piece ‘speaks’ to me, I am satisfied. If it speaks to another, then I feel I have been successful."

“I work in both oils and acrylics as they each bring their own set of technical properties and challenges to the canvas. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. My seascapes are more often done in oil, while my figurative paintings and portraits are mostly done in acrylic.

I enjoy the challenge of representing the human figure in a simply, stylized manner. The gracefulness of line and form stems from my infatuation with painters such as Modigliani and the early works of Picasso.

My love of music is a great inspiration for my work. Not only subjectively, as the depiction of performing musicians, but in the lyrical movement of line and light within the piece. However, I feel that composition is the utmost and foremost aspect of a good work of art. A well-balanced design exuding a sense of ease and serenity is that for which I strive.

Born in Greenwich, CT, I grew up in New York and summered in Casco Bay. Some of my fondest memories stem from those summers. A strong desire to live and paint near the ocean drew me to settle here after college. With marriage came a move to Virginia and after 12 years, I returned once again nourished by the beauty and wonder of coastal living. Maine is my home. I draw great inspiration from her gifts. I am continuously amazed by the rocky coast and its communities, the vast seascapes peppered with islands and sail, magnificently brilliant skies and her diverse inhabitants. I work from my home studio, painting in both oil and acrylic. Seascapes, landscapes, still life, portraits and figures — I find inspiration in them all. My work is in private collections throughout the country.”


-Kate Fitzgerald