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kerstin Engman


Kerstin Engman was born in New England, educated at the Maine College of Art, The Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Pennsylvania. She has traveled throughout Europe, living for a time in Eastern Europe while teaching in the Hungarian Public Schools. In 1997, She founded Project Kalocsa, a cultural exchange between Kalocsa, Hungary and Belfast, Maine. Kris now lives in Liberty, Maine, and teaches in the Art Department the University of Maine, Orono.


“Specific design elements and color are the foundation of my recent landscape studies, incorporating repetition, grids, dots, angles, shapes, and overlaps. I find interesting behaviors in the light of every season in Maine. Photography is a good way to freeze a moment that can provide an avenue to shallow space, texture and pattern, through complex designs that feel simple. My palette imitates the shifting behaviors in the terrain in and around Waldo County, Maine. The landscapes are an expression of color, shape and pattern in some sort of balance that feels connected to daily routines and seasonal events.


For the past decade, I’ve worked  from the Waldo County landscape which is also my home. I feel connected to the woods and waterways and believe that by painting the ‘ordinariness’ of these surroundings,  I can be reminded of how beautiful it is. Seeing beauty in something may lead to safeguarding it.”