Leo Osborne graduated from the New England School of Art in 1969 and lived in Maine for 20 years before relocating to Guemes Island in Washington State in 1994. He exhibits his work nationally and internationally. The awards he has won for his wildlife sculptures and paintings over the last 20 years are too numerous to mention here. His work has been featured in more than 10 art or wildlife magazines, including National Geographic.

"As caretakers of this planet, we must in all hospitality and with consciousness, leave this life having given back something beautiful in return for this kindness. Sculpture is rhythm; musical form, mood, feeling, the jazz, the energy within. Release that from solid wood or stone and the life quality of that becomes evident. I often live two, three, four years with a burl before it really lets me know what it is. The burl contains the form within, and I'm just there to release it."