Marketplace: Lobster Claws

From our goldsmith studios, Harbor Square Gallery offers this original design by Thomas O’Donovan, masterfully crafted by his long-time associate, Glade Sarbach Davis. The Lobster Claw is a beautifully sculpted and meticulously finished solid piece, as detailed on the back as in the front. The soft, matte finish enhances the glow of the pearl or the brilliance of the gemstone, which is set in an 18k gold bezel and delicately yet securely held in the pincers of the claw Available in six different sizes, the Lobster Claw can be cast in 18k yellow, white or rose gold, platinum, fine silver and bronze. The bronze claws each have a unique patina in brown, rust, blue or green. Choose a black or white pearl, diamond, Maine tourmaline or any other gemstone you desire to enhance the piece. We use only the finest gems of the highest quality in our pieces. The design can also be incorporated into earrings, brooches, bracelets and cuff links. Shown here, are the six available Lobster Claw sizes in various metals and with a few gemstone options for you to consider. How you wish to wear your Lobster Claw also allows for many choices in chains, neck wires and cords. We have our favorites for elegance and durability pictured on the six claws above: The 18k heavier mesh chain, the versatile 18k snake chain and the sleek, black rubber cord. Each comes in different lengths, weights and prices. A black rubber cord is included in the price of the Lobster Claw. We invite you to select from our current inventory or customize your own unique piece. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in creating just the right look you desire at a comfortable price.


“Along with the lighthouse and the pine tree, the lobster has become a Maine icon, even finding its way onto our license plates. I have been fascinated by the functional beauty of the claw itself; as an emblem of strength, mystery and perfect utility. For me, the lobster’s claw has become a kind of talisman. Holding it, I am reminded of home, and the love I have for this remarkable place we call Maine."