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MElissa greenE

My influences come partially from the places I grew up- Podunk, in Connecticut and the mountains and lakes of Rangeley, Maine. I was particularly inspired by living and traveling abroad at a young age, especially by a trip to Lapland in northern Norway. Here I realized a strong interest in how people living a self-reliant lifestyle, close to and with an essential respect for nature, held a strong intuitive commitment to beauty which is reflected in every part of their daily lives. There was no separation between art and life, the two existed as an integral part of each other. I desired to become a maker of beautiful objects, and without really knowing why, at age 14, chose clay as the medium. Thus, my imagery is a reflection of more than 25 yrs. of observation into relationships between animals and the natural world, myths, rituals, women, families, daily life, and the crafts of many cultures.

Along with this I have to acknowledge several members of my family, I feel they were directly responsible for many aspects of my work. My father, Dr. Harry S.N. Greene who instilled in me a love and respect for the natural world, an appreciation for old, handmade things, and whose incredibly alive imagination shaped my very thinking. My sister, Judy Greene, who was a beautiful painter, thinker, and who I often feel is very near by. My step father, Sid Leslie, who was my fathers best friend and carried on the legends. He gave me total love and encouragement, and taught me not to be afraid of really hard work. My mother, Jean Greene Leslie, who I thank for her strength, humor, joie de vivre, and, everything she touched was beautiful. These people have all moved on, except for my sister Susan Nutting Greene, we are the storytellers of our family now. I must also include my husband and blacksmith, Eric Ziner, who is a daily gift to me. He far surpasses any preconceived notion I had about love, life, family, joy,and creativity. Our sons, Abraham and Silas, are the most incredible creations so far! I also greatly appreciate and love every day of this life, on this beautiful, abundant, planet.