Michele O'Keefe

After Michele O'Keefe received a BFA from The University of Connecticut in 1968, she attended The University of Chicago in 1971 for graduate work. In 1975, she studied printmaking at the Haystack School of Arts and Crafts, then went on to study Children's book illustration with Uri Shulevitz at Hartwick College. From 1985 through 1994, she worked and studied in multiple workshops, including Vinalhaven Press and Don Stone Workshops on Monhegan.

Her work has been featured in state-wide, and nation-wide, publications, Maine Boat and Harbor “Eye on the Coast”, The Working Waterfront, as well as The video “Island Winter”. She aims to capture the beautiful sublimity between the nature of the state of Maine and the strong inhabitants that inhabit it. Her beautiful watercolor and oil paintings depict the seasonal life that the state represents. She has been twice chosen to represent the State of Maine with a watercolor used as a Christmas card for The Maine House of Representatives and The Maine Senate.

She has been honored at Blaine House by Governor Angus King and 1st Lady Mary Herman for her part in The Percent for Art Program. Among the many accolades, her painting “Off Season” was chosen to hang in the Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampton, Maine, in the Percent for Art Program.

She has been shown in The Maine Biennial, at Huston Tuttle Gallery One (Rockland, ME), Wendell Gilley Museum, Maine Coast Artists, The Bowdoin College of Art (Biennial), Maine Art Gallery, Bayview Gallery, Copley Art Society (Boston), Penobscot Art Museum, The New Era Gallery and many others all over the United States. Her work is also in pr

"A water colorist all my life, I was introduced to monotypes in 1995 at the Vinalhaven Press. The experience was magical. In 2009, after being diagnosed with cancer, my work suffered. So I decided to revisit monotypes now that a press a was available at The Engine House Press. It was a new beginning and a fresh start."

"For me, this technique captures the freshness and spontaneity of watercolors, the richness of oils, clear color fields, and most of all a unified image."