Art is communication – communication about new things and about things known but forgotten. The writer tells a story and we remember. The poet carefully weaves his words to remind us. The visual artist connects us with images.

Sculpture is not the language of words. It is the language of shapes, forms, light, space and touch. These elements speak in silence about a world we all knew before we described it with words. Sculpture is not story, it is a presence of space.

Certain forms and images are innate to our beings and speak to us with significance. The human figure is my most significant form. It is the means I use to connect art with my experience of life.

Art has always been built with abstract language, like sentences are built with grammar. Abstraction is pure and powerful. The figure adds human warmth to the elements of design. I build, interpret, and reinvent the human figure with abstract language to create a primal presence in my sculpture.

The creation of Art is the antithesis of the destructive forces that cause so much suffering in the world. Artist, art collectors, and arts organizations share the responsibility to support and nourish creative energy. The channeling of creative energy is an act of peace.