Printing press was invented in 15th century. Here it is. Albreht Durer worked with a similar press.  His predecessors did too.   I get a kick out of the process of working with this press.  it is the moment of truth for me: nothing has changed; the Renaissance artists did the same thing.

An artist lives like anybody else, until the moment he has a feeling of certainty that it is through him and him alone, a certain image wants to come into this world.

Probably, an artist aught to have some obligations toward Society, a kind of a “mission” to enlighten it, but I am not too optimistic about achieving this goal. In my experience, Darkness has won far more battles so far.

It seems to me that for a Russian artist, the current time is much worse than the long period of Stagnation (called in Russia NoTime under the Brejnev’s rule) has been. May be because I was so young back then and had a different outlook on life, and so many things were forbidden to us, but I felt truly inspired by it, striving for internal resistance to the oppression. This time is gone for good, and a new has not started yet.

In an art school, one cannot learn the individual artistic vision: the” language” your works will speak.  You either have it or not, and for some, it takes years to develop.