“My paintings are a confluence of abstraction and realism evolving from the natural landscape. I am inspired by natural landforms, waters’ edges and changing atmospheric and seasonal conditions. Elements of sky, water, rocks, trees and earth are evident in the compositions.

Although based on the reality of a landscape, the composition is generated in the studio and evolves as the work progresses.  Usually there is a horizon line or lines.  Some do have accurate contours; especially mountain profiles.  The quality of the paint application from washes to opaque areas adds to the depth and experience of the work and helps to define the final composition.

Often my work can be considered as an abstract impression of the landscape.  Certainly I think of it as an interpretative response to the landscape.

The viewer is invited to enter the dynamics of the composition and let the energy of the work play in his or her imagination depending on their frame of reference.”

"My composition is a play of shape and form and color and line. The process of painting is like a dance-or the sound of jazz. When I paint, I don't want all the answers right away and I don't want the viewer to have all the answers. I try to capture the emotional side and the feeling of a landscape."

-William Crosby