Earpieces by Thomas O'Donovan

The Earscrew is a wonderfully light and comfortable piece that quite simply twists into the earlobe. Secured by the top element of the form, it spirals gracefully down like a loose curl of hair, framing the face in a most flattering way.

You can select your pair of Earscrews from a choice of 18K White or Yellow Gold or Platinum. Choose from our standard selections in black or white pearls, gold, or platinum spheres in a variety of sizes. You can also explore other Earscrew options with us, by using your choice of faceted gemstones, cabochons and bullet cuts.

The Arcanum is an elegant adaption of the Earscrew and beautifully captures the space within the spiral. This central, sculptural element can be explored using different gemstones in variety of shapes and cuts.

The latest addition to the original Thomas O’Donovan Earscrew exploration is the Sibling Collection. Have fun mixing and matching elements for a unique asymmetrical look to fit your style and mood!

"It has been said that the spiral is the signature of God. From shells on the beach and the shape of galaxies, to a molecule of DNA, this simple form pervades creation. On either side of the human face, nothing to me has ever seemed so comfortable, so much at home."